Your healthy future

Everyone deserves a healthy future. That means being able to use high quality health services to help you stay as
healthy as possible and help you get better - or manage your illness - when you're unwell. 

We've been looking at the way community health services for children and young people are organised in Bristol,
North Somerset and South Gloucestershire to see if we can make them better for you. 

Click here to read the report from your feedback

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment on Your healthy future - the children's community health services online consultation. The consultation is now officially closed. We have reviewed all the feedback we've received and the full report is now available.

  • The story so far

    We talked with people and asked what works well, what needs to get better and what should happen in the future with these services

  • The draft plan

    We asked you to check the draft plan to make sure that we have understood what you want and that we’ve included it.

  • From draft to reality

    The draft plan consultation has closed and we are currently reviewing all of the feedback we have received and will publish a report.

  • A-Z of services

    All of the community health services that this consultation covers are listed in this A-Z list.

  • Contact us

    Got something you need to tell us about your healthy future? Drop us a line and say hi.


The Values

Before we start building the services we must agree the values, or standards, that they must deliver.


The Model

This model shows the different stages you will travel through when you use these services.


The Outcomes

The outcomes are what we want you to experience when using the services.


Find information about site accessibility or watch an introduction to the Your healthy future website in British Sign Language and Easy Read. Please get in touch if you would like the information in another format.


  • Accessibility

    An outline of how our website has been designed for optimal web accessibility

  • Signed introduction and Easy Read

    An introduction to the Your Healthy Future website using British Sign Language and Easy Read, with suggestions on how to respond to the draft plans proposed for children and young people's community health services

  • Get involved

    Please get in touch if you are a group or organisation and would like to discuss the consultation face to face.

  • Help


Thank you

Thank you to all the young people who have volunteered with The Young Peoples Reference Group / Young Healthwatch to support the commissioners to develop the plans for Children’s Community Health Services, make the animation featured on the home page and input to the content and design of this website.