The outcomes

If we get The Values right and The Model right then these are The Outcomes we want you to experience. If, together, we get this right you will be able to say:

My community health services…

  1. Are easy to use, work well with other services, and are flexible to fit my needs
    (regardless of my health condition).
  2. Give me a choice on where to use the service they provide.
  3. Support me (and my family) to be independent, resilient and to have a high quality of life.
  4. Support me (and my family) by being well organised, involve me in decisions about my care, and treat me like an individual.
  5. Do not treat me different to anyone else because of my race, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, or how much money my family has.
  6. Help me to have good mental health and stay well.
  7. Are high quality and safe. All the people who look after me are well educated and trained.
  8. Are joined up with education, social care and adult services, voluntary organisations and others.
    This means my care is well planned and co-ordinated to suit my needs.
  9. Support me if I move from children’s services to adult services.
  10. Do everything they can to give me a positive experience of care and support.
  11. See me as soon as they are able (tell me how long I may need to wait) and my appointments are always in a safe and welcoming place.
  12. Make me feel comfortable because they know how to talk and listen to people my age.
  13. Work with other organisations and care about the way lots of things – not just health services – affect my life
  14. Give me and my family the information we need in a way we can understand.
  15. Are open and honest with me and my family. We always feel involved and informed about the care I receive.
  16. Understand the needs and role of young carers and how to support them.

From draft to reality