Thank you

Thank you to all the young people who have volunteered with The Young People's Reference Group / Young Healthwatch to support the commissioners to develop the plans for children’s community health services, make the animation featured on the home page and input to the content and design of this website.


What is Young Healthwatch?

  • Young Healthwatch is the name Healthwatch Bristol uses for its work with children and young people.
  • Children and young people can tell Healthwatch about their experiences of using any health or social care service, or about their experiences of health related issues.
  • Young Healthwatch work includes: large events, workshops in schools, visiting youth groups and children’s centres, working with Bristol Children’s Hospital, working with Voluntary and Community Sector organisations supporting children and families.

What is the Young People’s Reference Group?

  • One element of Young Healthwatch is the co-facilitation, with Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), of the Young People’s Reference Group (YPRG).
  • Healthwatch Bristol has worked with Bristol CCG to set up and facilitate the YPRG which is an open access group for young people living in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset aged between 11 and 19 years of age.
  • The YPRG meets approximately every month and focuses on the current re-commissioning of Children’s Community Health (CCH) Services.

Young Healthwatch

Quotes from the group on their experiences:

  • “Interesting”
  •  “Good to find out how services are commissioned.”
  • “Teaches you more about different issues young people deal with. I never would have gone to a meeting with Mentality [Off the Record] if it hadn’t been for Young Healthwatch.”
  •  “[I liked] having an influence on the services we use.”
  • “I’m happy our service pathway was included in the actual plan.”
  •  “I feel I wouldn’t have known anything about health services if it wasn’t for Young Healthwatch.”
  •  “I really liked having an influence on the services we use.” Young Healthwatch volunteer.
"I have been inspired by everyone’s imagination and determination to make services better for young people. It has been a privilege to facilitate our meetings. Thank you to every young person who has volunteered with us. I’m looking forward to our future meetings."

- Ellen Devine, Healthwatch Bristol Project Coordinator

"This group have been a dream to work with. Youth voice is crucial in the effectiveness of children’s service design and it has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved. We have benefitted from having a fresh, intelligent, enthusiastic perspective of our group and I look forward to more shared learning"

- Nicole Zographou, Public and Patient Involvement Lead, Bristol CCG